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Using results from a seminar

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Using results from a seminar

Dear All,

I am sorry for writing in English, but my German is not good.

I am working in some German Institute and I conducted a seminar there. I gave the students an idea where they can work on and implement it. I followed the student step by step during the seminar to achieve this work.

During the seminar; I told the students several times that we can submit this work to good event. And at the last session in the semester, I explicitly told them that we can participate with this work in another event and if they would like to continue working on this idea? But they said no, we are busy with other things and we do not want to continue.

Since they said NO, I assumed that there job was ended by the end of the seminar. And they got there grads on September 13, 2012.

Later, at the end of October 2012, I prepared everything based on the results that I got in this seminar and submitted to one event without putting their names as contributors. I got an acceptance from that event at the end of November 2012.

Now, the students came to me and asked why I did not put their names?
I said to them, you said: "we do not want to continue."

I would like to point here that, at the last session I invited two collogues to help me in the evaluation and they heard me when I said to them if you would like continue this work and participate in that event.

My questions are:
-Do I have right to use the results from that seminar without putting the name of the students, since it is my seminar and my idea and I worked with the student very closely to achieve this work?
-What is the German law says about such a case?
-If the students have the right, what should I do?
-Am I liable for any legal accountability?

Thank you in advance,

PS: sorry I post this question in General form

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sorry I post this question in General form

I replied over there, so let's keep it in one spot.



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