Shoplifting 13,43 euros Rewe Bremen

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Shoplifting 13,43 euros Rewe Bremen

Hey Everyone,

I feel really stupid, can't sleep or eat well, and feel with a lot of remorse of what I did. This is my first and last time I do something like this!

I need your help, last weekend I and my girlfriend got caught shoplifting food goods from Rewe on the value of 13,43 euros. We cooperated as we could, as I have only a basic german. Unfortunately, I couldn't understand everything.
The situation: We tried to pass some products through the self check in machine without paying, and got busted by the guard. The guard took us to the backroom, and tried to talk only in German. He asked a colleague to check the products and we cooperated opening the backs and checking, he found out the 5 products that we didn't paid worth of 13,43 euros, when this happened I asked to pay, they discussed a bit more, they got a photo of my girlfriends ID, not mine, as I was about to give mine, my gf insisted to be hers, and the security let us go with the clerk to pay the stolen goods + 100 euros. They told us that we are banned for one year. However, no papers signed, no police called, I just have currently the payment of the stolen goods + 100 euros in my bank statement, as I paid with card. Need help

My questions are:
- We are foreigners living in Germany, working and with residence permit, will this be affected, Will we have foreign record?
- Only my girlfriend provided her foreign ID, which doesn't have any adress. So the store doesn't have my ID and our adress. I really want to cooperate.
- I really feel bad for what we did, and have been waiting now 1 week for a letter, but nothing arrived, what should we do?

I really feel bad, can't sleep well, can't eat well. Please help

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Zitat (von beston):
what should we do?

If there is no address on the girlfriend's ID, the store will not bother to report the theft.
If a report had been wanted, the store would have called the police directly.
Zitat (von beston):
I really feel bad, can't sleep well, can't eat well. Please help

Calm your conscience and don't do this kind of crap in future, go back to sleeping peacefully and eating well.

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I am facing a similar situation. She is an international student in Germany and was recently involved in a shoplifting incident at Kaufland on May 14, where she took a half-used tester lipstick. She paid a fine of 100 EUR and 10 EUR for the lipstick. The store detective assured her that no further action would be taken, but she recently received a letter from the police stating that an investigation is underway. The letter asked her to explain what happened within two weeks.

She is currently on a student visa and applying for an extension. We are worried about how this might affect her visa status. Could anyone share their opinions on the seriousness of this situation, its potential impact on her visa extension, and the best way to respond to the police?

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